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My name is James and I am a 32 year old dad to two amazing kids. Thank you for visiting my site reviewing the best hoverboards (self balancing scooters). You might think at my age I’m a bit old to be riding scooters but I have to admit I love mine and even use it commuting to work. They’re suitable for all ages!

This site has been developed to help you find the best hoverboard for yourself or to give as a gift. I understand that these self balancing scooters have had kind of a bad rap after the market was flooded with cheap Chinese products in 2015 (the demand was HUGE at Christmas). News of hoverboard fires and explosions almost killed the market, and they were banned by lots of major retailers like Amazon and Overstock.

The good news though is that in 2016 they’re back, and UL have created a safety certification specifically for hoverboards. Some might say its a bit late, and definitely this should have been done BEFORE they got popular – still, it’s better late than never I suppose! Those that gain UL 2272 certification have been through massively rigorous tests and are safe, and I only recommend hoverboards that are fully certified.

I hope you enjoy your visit and please get in touch (see the contact page) if you have any questions. If you want to know where to start just see the main page for my recommendations.

James Pearson

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