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Where To Buy SwagTron – List Of Authorized Sellers

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Note: All links in this article are to verified genuine authorized sellers of SwagTron

Swagtron is currently the biggest up and coming US hoverboard brand at the moment. I’m sure you know by now that when I say hoverboard, what I really mean is ‘self balancing scooter’ as that’s a more accurate term. However most people tend to refer to them as ‘hoverboards’, so that’s what I’ll be calling them for the purpose of this article. If you’re looking for a safe and reputable brand you can’t really go wrong with Swagway Swagtron. They were the first to bring us real UL 2272 fire safety certified hoverboards in the form of the T1 and T3. Here we’re going to take a look at where to buy Swagtron (and make sure you get the real thing).

Where to buy Swagtron online

1. Amazon

The easiest place to buy is online, as there are only a few offline stores that stock the product.

The product is the same price everywhere, so there’s not much need for shopping around – just pick your favorite retailer and purchase!

First of all there’s my personal favorite, Amazon. You probably heard in the news that Amazon had banned sale of hoverboards outright earlier this year? Well now that there are safe, properly certified hoverboards they’re back and currently Swagtron is the ONLY brand available on Amazon as they’re the only ones that meet their strict criteria for safe products. The authorized seller on Amazon is ‘Better Choice Online’.

You can buy from Amazon at the following link:

Swagtron Amazon: Buy T1 | Buy T3

2. eBay (free t-shirt offer)

Next up we have eBay. If you’ve got an eBay account and enjoy purchasing here then there is only ONE authorized vendor of Swagway Swagtron hoverboards – the seller’s name is ‘claimthis’ so don’t buy from anyone else! If you find another seller you should avoid as they won’t be authorized and hence probably won’t be selling the real Swagtron.

Here are links to the authorized seller’s listings:

Swagtron T1 on eBay | Swagtron T3 on eBay

There’s currently a promotional offer where you get a free Swagway t-shirt (worth approx. $25-$30) if you buy the T3 on eBay. There are mens and women’s t-shirts available but the offer is only while stocks last so if you want one, don’t delay! This offer only applies to the T3 and NOT the T1.

Sale Button - Save $10

Discount code: swag-1894A588KSJG

3. SwagTron Website (get $10 OFF)

Another popular place to buy Swagtron is the official Swagtron website. We’ve got an exclusive $10 off coupon if you’d like to purchase from there (it works for any hoverboard, including the Swagway).

Here’s the Swagtron discount code: swag-1894A588KSJG

Just copy and paste the code, and then click on the following link to visit the website.

Visit the official Swagtron website

Add your chosen product to the cart and don’t forget to paste in and apply the coupon! If you’re looking for the cheapest Swagtron, that’s probably the best deal you’re going to get because otherwise the price is the same everywhere else.

If you’re looking to buy elsewhere the T1 and T3 are also available at Bestbuy.com Modells.com, and BJs.com.

Personally I prefer eBay, Amazon or the official website as they offer FREE shipping.

Where to buy Swagtron in stores?

Hoverboards aren’t as easy to find in stores but they are stocked in Modells Sporting Goods, Best Buy Stores, and BJ’s Wholesale Club locations.

Be careful of fakes!

All of the above are authorized sellers of Swagtron – if you buy elsewhere and your product is just an imitation but not the real thing, your warranty will be void. This was a problem with the earlier Swagway X1. Some people bought fake Swagway’s and when they broke, the buyers were not covered by warranty so couldn’t get their product fixed or replaced. Don’t make that mistake.

Swagway Swagtron offer a fantastic 1 year warranty and good customer service, and you want to be able to avail of it should you experience any problems.

Also counterfeit models will NOT be UL 2272 certified, so could be a potential fire hazard.

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