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How to Pair Hoverboard Bluetooth Device to iPhone & Android

The newest hoverboards come with a Bluetooth pairing feature, which enables you to play music from your iPhone or Android through the hoverboard’s own speakers. Music played through your hoverboard’s high-quality speakers is sure to enhance your riding experience.

Who doesn’t want to blast some tunes while on the go? Alternatively, Bluetooth-enabled hoverboards can be used as speakers around the house – just be sure to put your device in park first!

Built-in Bluetooth options have increased the user experience immensely, but, like all things tech, they can sometimes add a bit of complexity to the mix. Once you find yourself in possession of a Bluetooth hoverboard with a built-in speaker, you may find yourself wondering how to sync it with your device.

That’s where we come in.


Step One: Turn your Bluetooth hoverboard on.

Step Two: Open ‘Settings’ on your iPhone.

Step Three: Select ‘Bluetooth’ under ‘Settings’.

Step Four: Select your hoverboard from the list of Bluetooth capable devices – it will typically have a corresponding name to the company that makes your hoverboard, or the model name of your hoverboard with a series of numbers attached. You may need to wait several minutes while your phone’s Bluetooth locates the hoverboard brands.

Step Five: Follow instructions on the iPhone’s screen to sync your hoverboard with your iPhone. Depending on the maker of your hoverboard, it will make a sound to confirm that it has been synced.

Step Six: Open any music mobile app, such as iTunes or Spotify, and press play!


Step One: Tap ‘Settings’ in your Android phone

Step Two: Go to ‘Bluetooth’ and confirm that it is enabled. If it is not, swipe to do so

Step Three: Turn your Bluetooth hoverboard on. Most Bluetooth-enabled hoverboards will make a tonal noise upon powering up

Step Four: Once the hoverboard is on, look under ‘Bluetooth’ on your Android phone to locate the device. It may take several minutes for the phone to locate the hoverboard brands as before with the iPhone

Step Five: Tap the name of your hoverboard in the list and follow on-screen instructions. Depending on the model of your hoverboard it will make a sound to confirm that it has been successfully synced to your Android

Step Six: Open any music mobile app on your Android phone and press play!


Nothing is worse than going through the pairing steps to find that your devices are not syncing! Should this happen to you, first confirm that your phone’s Bluetooth wireless technology is enabled. Then double check that the hoverboard is turned on and fully charged.

If Bluetooth connection is still not occurring:

Step One: Make sure that the two devices are close to each other

Step Two: Check that your iPhone’s iOS is up to date. Older iPhones, such as the iPhone 4, may not be able to pair with Bluetooth hoverboards

If your hoverboard did connect to your iPhone and then stopped working:

Step One: Make sure the hoverboard has an adequate charge

Step Two: If still not working, disconnect the hoverboard and remove it from the Bluetooth devices list. Turn off the iPhone’s Bluetooth wireless technology and the hoverboard, then turn both on again and reconnect following the instructions above


Android version 4.3 or higher works well with all Bluetooth hoverboards. If your Android phone is operating on an older system, check the specifications of your hoverboard or potential purchase to verify that it is compatible with your device.

If your hoverboard is compatible with your Android, take the following steps:

Step One: Make sure that the Bluetooth setting is enabled on your Android

Step Two: Check the charge of your Bluetooth hoverboard. Insufficient battery life may interfere with its ability to connect to your Android phone

Step Three: Make sure the two devices are in close proximity to each other in order to connect

Step Four: Turn off both devices and power back up to reconnect

Troubleshooting Continued

If you’ve tried all of the steps above and nothing seems to be working, here are some additional tips you can try:

  1. Turn off all other Bluetooth devices in the vicinity. Only the hoverboard and your phone should have their Bluetooth capability turned on while trying to establish a connection
  2. Your WiFi router can also interfere with the Bluetooth functionality. Attempt to pair far away from your WiFi router
  3. Check to see if a Driver may be needed to facilitate connection. Techlicious suggests googling the name of your hoverboard device with the word “driver” to find the appropriate option
  4. Check with the manufacturer of your hoverboard if all else fails


A common issue with Bluetooth hoverboards is that the battery life of the hoverboard is drastically reduced when riding and playing at the same time. Reducing the number of open apps on your phone can increase the battery life of both your phone and the hoverboard device.

These two hoverboards, in particular, have longer battery lives that give you the most bang for your buck:

1. Skque UL2272 Self Balancing Hoverboard with LED Lights

Spoiler alert: the battery power lasts longer if you don’t activate the LED lights!

2. SE Extreme

Because of its all-terrain capability, this scooter has incredible battery life when the sailing is smooth.


While nice to have on hand, many hoverboards are too bulky to really use as home speakers around the house. These two options have high speaker quality, compact features that won’t take up too much space indoors, and just happen to be able to carry you where you want to go:

1. Bluefin Hoverboard

This metallic gold hoverboard is sure to be a statement speaker in your house!

2. Skque X1L6.5 UL2272 Self Balancing Scooter

This hoverboard’s compact body makes it a go-to for in-home use.

Have another hoverboard model suggestion? We’d love to hear about it – please comment below!

We hope this how-to guide was helpful as you take on the task of pairing your hoverboard device to your Android or iPhone. While hoverboards with Bluetooth are usually the exact same as a regular hoverboard, having the Bluetooth receiver module and the built-in speakers are definitely a plus if you enjoy your music while on the go.

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